Resources for Restaurants

For participation in LA County Great Plates Delivered Program

US Digital Response (USDR) is supporting all restaurants who are interested in participating in LA County’s Great Plates Delivered program by providing a directory to vendors that can help with background checks and delivery.

The following vendors are not endorsed by LA County, and the US Digital Response is not a part of LA County.

Background Check Vendors

These companies can provide background checks for your restaurant staff so they can make deliveries. USDR recommends background checks that include motor vehicle and driver license history.

Checkr provides background checks. You will be able to create a background check form that you can send to your employees; USDR recommends selecting the Driver Basic package. Results are usually available within one business day. The typical cost is $15+ per person, but costs can vary if the background check turns up issues that need further investigation.

To get started, contact Checkr at and note that you are participating in the LA County Great Plates program.
GoodHire provides background checks. Results are usually available within 1 to 2 business days. Pricing for a background and motor vehicle check starts at $38 per person (after a 20% discount offered to LA County program participants)

To get started, email and note that you are participating in the LA County Great Plates program.

Delivery Software Vendors

If you plan on doing your own deliveries, these vendors help make them more efficient.

Onfleet is a technology company that helps businesses streamline their delivery operations. They support over 1,000 customers make over 100,000 deliveries per day. Their platform includes a web-based dispatch dashboard, driver apps on iOS and Android, real-time tracking and notifications.

To learn more about Onfleet, and to request a free trial, visit
rideOS can help create optimized delivery routes and bundling for your deliveries via a web portal and driver app. rideOS is free until Jun 20, but likely to get extended.

End-to-end Delivery Vendors

If you prefer not to do deliveries on your own, these companies can deliver them. Each vendor claims to meet program requirements, including background checks, but USDR does guarantee this information.

DoorDash is available to provide delivery services to restaurants participating in LA County's Great Plates Delivered Program. With its fulfillment platform Drive, DoorDash supports delivery routes from your restaurant so that each Dasher delivers multiple packages. DoorDash charges a flat fee per dropoff. There are no other fees to the customer or you.

You will be required to sign a service agreement and provide delivery details in a template in advance. To get started, contact
Background Check Information
Lyft Concierge supports individual deliveries. From Lyft’s website, you will be able to order a car that can make a delivery. Costs will vary based on time, distance, and other factors like a normal Lyft ride.
Background Check Information
Postmates Delivery as a Service allows you to leverage the Postmates delivery fleet to deliver food to your customers. See this training video for an idea of how you can use Postmates and it’s dashboard.

Pricing is based on the distance between the pick-up and drop-off location. Standard pricing is $4.50 and $1.50 per mile, per delivery. You can sign up for access to the dashboard here
Background Check Information
UberEats supports individual and bulk deliveries. From an Uber dashboard, you can request individual deliveries, and you may be able to share deliveries in advance for bulk deliveries. Costs will vary based on time, distance, and other factors.
Background Check Information

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